About Rick Parent

Criminologist Dr. Rick Parent is a 30 year veteran of the Delta Police Department. While serving as a police officer he examined the issue of police use of deadly force and the phenomenon of Victim Precipitated Homicide, also known as Suicide by Cop. His dissertation, entitled "Aspects of Police Use of Deadly Force in North America: The Phenomenon of Victim Precipitated Homicide" was for a Doctoral degree in Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Dr. Parent has been qualified in US and Canadian courts as an expert in police shootings and in matters related to police use of deadly force. Dr. Parent served as an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University, School of Criminology - Police Studies from September 2008 until retiring in December 2019.

Dr. Parent is also a subject-matter expert in the area of police ethics and accountability.  He is the author of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) course entitled: "Police Ethics and Accountability" and the co-author of the textbook "Ethics and Canadian Law Enforcement" (2018). He is also the co-author of the textbook "Community-Based Strategic Policing in Canada" (2019), as well as numerous publications.